Nov 07

Election Information and Voter Guides

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Nov 06

You are invited to a post-election potluck dinner

We are settled in at our new home at Cornerstone Baptist Church

The Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots will be holding a post-election potluck dinner at the Cornerstone Baptist Church, 15024 Ohio 328, Logan, on Thursday Nov. 10 from 7 to 9 pm. The HHTPP will provide table service, drinks and a ham. Please bring a dish or two to share. Our potlucks are always a good time with good food.

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Oct 20

Donald Trump is the Christian Choice

Donald Trump

From iPatriot

I am not a fan, and really never have been a fan of Donald Trump. I am a Christian and I hold to Christian values, or what some also call ‘family values’. I definitely do not approve of his remarks recently leaked from an 11 year old “hot mic” capture.

Despite that and other misgivings, I have decided I will vote for Mr. Trump. For me, there really is no alternative. I believe that, when examined, there is really no alternative for Christians in this nation as a whole! The Democratic nominee is a horror story promising nothing but continued liberal misery and perhaps the downfall of our nation under the weight of a socialist nightmare. She is completely pro-abortion, and is quite frankly, the most corrupt candidate ever to run for the presidency, period! There are two other candidates who will be on the ballots in all the states. The Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, might be an option if there were not some important facts to consider. One, no third, or fourth, or fifth candidate has any chance of winning this election. Votes cast in their direction are useless at best, unless the numbers are so massive as to gravely effect the election. That’s just not going to happen. At worst the small numbers could possibly drain enough votes from Trump to get HRC the presidency!

Read more at iPatriot

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Oct 20

Poll Madness

From Marietta OH-912

Tom Zawistowski Monday, October 19

Tom Zawistowski, Monday, October 19

I am getting all kinds of reports from all over Ohio of the great things that all of you are doing to win this election and get Trump elected on November 8th. In this email, I would like to share some ideas that you can use to be more effective in your area.

Poll Madness:
As you know the We The People Convention Poll that was conducted before and after the last debate, showed that Trump was winning in Ohio by between 6.7% and 11.7%. Just yesterday, a CNN poll showed Trump winning in Ohio by 4%. However, other polls are showing that it is tied and national polls are showing Clinton with ridiculous leads like 11%. Even FoxNews is in on the scam. The poll they put out early this week that Clinton was winning by 9% – over sampled Democrats by 9%!! Remember, Roger Ailes was the Conservative Head of Fox News and he is gone now. Rupert Murdock who owns FoxNews is a globalist and you are seeing Fox turn against Trump even more because of this change. Finally, FORGET the national polls, they mean nothing. Look at the key state polls like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina – that is where the election will be decided. Also, any polls that only includes Trump and Clinton is a phony poll intended to deceive you because Johnson and Stein are taking from Clinton and not Trump and that is why they leave them out. Don’t believe the polls, just keep talking to people in your community and we will win. Read more at Marietta OH-912

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Oct 04

You are invited to a one day conference, “God and Country” at Peace Lutheran Church, Saturday, Oct. the 8th

God and Country God and Country Oct 8

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Oct 04

Massey Campos to speak, Oct. 13, 7PM at HHTPP meeting held at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Logan

Massey Camposhocking-hills-massey

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Oct 03

Citizens for Community Values Voter Guide

This election guide has been approved for use in churches by a constitutional attorney specialist licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court. The candidate pictures on this election guide are being used for educational purposes only. Position documentation and photo credits may be accessed at


To download a CCV Voter Guide, CLICK HERE

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Oct 03

Democratic and Republican Party Platforms

Democratic and Republican Party Platforms: Where They Stand on the Issues


Decision Magazine / August 23, 2016

Many decisions are made at the president’s desk, but the major political party to which he or she belongs wields significant power over which domestic and international policies are advanced and what becomes law. Here is a summary of the Democratic and Republican party positions on some of the vital issues facing the country. As Franklin Graham has stated clearly many times, we are not endorsing any candidate or party.

Sanctity of human life

Democrats seek to repeal the 1976 Hyde Amendment so that federal funds can be used to pay for abortions. The platform says, “We will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers.” Democrats support ratification of UN efforts that affirm “the reproductive rights of women” globally.

The GOP asserts the sanctity of human life and affirms, “The unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed.” The party supports a Human Life Amendment making clear that the 14th Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth, and it salutes states that require informed consent, parental consent, waiting periods and clinic regulation.


Democrats applaud last year’s Supreme Court ruling that “LGBT people—like other Americans—have the right to marry the person they love.”

The GOP platform condemns the Supreme Court’s rulings that removed the ability of Congress and the people to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The GOP urges the reversal of those decisions, whether through judicial reconsideration or a constitutional amendment.

Religious freedom

The Democratic platform says: “We support a progressive vision of religious freedom that respects pluralism and rejects the misuse of religion to discriminate.” The party opposes a religious test to bar immigrants or refugees from entering the country.

Republicans affirm that religious freedom in the Bill of Rights protects the right of the people to practice their faith in their everyday lives. The platform endorses the First Amendment Defense Act, which would protect faith-based institutions and individuals from government discrimination.

Federal judges

The platform says: “We will appoint judges who defend the constitutional principles of liberty and equality for all, and will protect a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion.”

The GOP platform states: “A critical threat to our country’s constitutional order is an activist judiciary that usurps powers properly reserved to the people through other branches of government.” The GOP supports the appointment of justices and judges who respect the constitutional limits on their power and respect the authority of the states.

National defense

The Democratic platform says that while the military is crucial, decreased military spending is necessary. The party also favors reducing excessive spending on nuclear weapons. The platform notes that it is “proud of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the opening of combat positions to women.”

The Republican platform favors building and maintaining a strong military as the path to peace and security. The party seeks to restore the nation’s military might and to rebuild troop numbers. The GOP would abandon treaties that benefit adversaries and would modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal.


The Democratic platform uses firm language to say we “must defeat” global terrorism, though noting a preference for “diplomacy and development, to confront global threats and ensure war is a last resort.” The party favors improving international intelligence capabilities to defend against external and homegrown threats.

The GOP asserts that the Iran deal does not have treaty status and has only emboldened the regime in Tehran in sponsoring terrorism. The platform says, “We must stand up for our friends, challenge our foes, and destroy ISIS.” It calls for governmental aid to Christian communities under genocidal attack in cities like Erbil.

Human rights

The Democratic platform recognizes gay rights as a human right, and party leaders have tied international development funds in poor countries to adherence to the LGBT agenda. According to the platform, “We will continue to stand with LGBT people around the world, including fighting efforts by any nation to infringe on LGBT rights or ignore abuse.”

The GOP platform states: “To those who stand in the darkness of tyranny, America has always been a beacon of hope, and so it must remain.” The party seeks a radical rethinking of our human rights diplomacy, adopting a “whole of government” approach in which human rights issues are integrated at every appropriate level of our relationships with other nations.


The party platform denounces Donald Trump’s suggested ban on immigrants from countries (mostly Muslim) known to train and equip terrorists.

Republicans oppose any form of amnesty for those who have entered illegally. The party supports building a border wall and refusing entrance to refugees who cannot be carefully vetted, especially those whose homelands have “been the breeding grounds for terrorism.”

Internet safety and decency

The platform supports “a free and open internet at home and abroad.” The party would seek to strengthen cybersecurity while “protecting the privacy and civil liberties of the American people.”

The platform states: “The internet must not become a safe haven for predators. Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the lives of millions.”

Addressing poverty

Democrats will “direct more federal resources to lifting up communities that have been left out and left behind.” The party would build more affordable rental housing units and seek to “create good-paying jobs and enhance opportunities by investing in small business, youth employment, and reentry programs for formerly incarcerated people.”

The GOP says that instead of government handouts that keep people dependent, “We propose … the dynamic compassion of work requirements in a growing economy, where opportunity takes the place of a hand-out, where true self-esteem can grow from the satisfaction of a job well done.”

Law and order

The Democratic platform seeks to abolish the death penalty, “which has proven to be a cruel and unusual form of punishment. It has no place in the United States of America.” The party would reform mandatory minimum sentences, close private prisons, end racial profiling and train officers in de-escalation.

The GOP decries the creation of new “crimes” by unelected civil servants and political appointees and sees this as federal overreach. The platform emphasizes restorative justice, including guidance by faith-based institutions. It notes that the death penalty is firmly settled by the Fifth Amendment and opposes efforts to erode this right.

Israel and Jerusalem

The platform states: “We will always support Israel’s right to defend itself, including by retaining its qualitative military edge, and oppose any effort to delegitimize Israel. … While Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations, it should remain the capital of Israel, an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths.”

Republicans express “unequivocal support for Israel,” pointing out that it is the only Middle Eastern country with freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The GOP recognizes “Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state.” The party opposes the U.N.’s treatment of Israel as a pariah state.



Read the full Republican Party platform and Democratic Party platform from the parties’ websites.

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Oct 03

The Tax Question

What If I Was Donald Trump? Stefan Molyneux answers Lester Holt’s question about Donald Trump’s tax returns – as if he was Donald Trump.

“No, I am being asked about my tax returns not because my opponent cares about what is in them, but because she desperately wants to distract you from the disasters she helped create, and the real solutions I have.”

Watch the excellent video at Marietta OH 9-12 Project


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Sep 01

TEA Party for Trump Event shares 10 Reasons to Vote for Trump

“A crowd of more than three hundred grassroots activists pushed into a church in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday as organizers unveiled a get-out-the-vote plan to win the swing state for Donald Trump.” Read more at

Videos from the meeting, most of them are short as in 5 minutes, can  be viewed at

In addition  to this information Glenn Newman from the Marietta 9-12 Project shared “Ten Reasons to Vote for Trump“.


#1… his resume. Of everyone running for president, Trump is the only one who has ever employed anyone. He is the only one who has any experience in international trade. He is the only one who understands the impact of our tax laws and government regulation on companies and jobs.

Trump has made a fortune turning around failed companies. He’s worked complicated deals all over the world, negotiating with governments, labor unions, and international financiers. These skills are not learned overnight and we don’t have time for another life-long politician and attorney to get up to speed.

#2… is his character. He is tough as nails. His children are pretty awesome. You can tell a lot about somebody by their kids. He is brutally honest as opposed to being politically correct. His employees and his ex-employees have nothing but praise for him. Even his ex-wives have nothing bad to say about him. Check it out.

#3… is his success. He has built hundreds of successful businesses. One of his companies declared bankruptcy (chapter 11 or reorganization) four separate times before ultimately saving the company. All creditors were paid and jobs were saved. Bottom line is he is just a very good businessman.

#4… is that he is a great negotiator. In fact, he wrote the book on negotiation — The Art of the Deal, an international best-seller. If we are to save this country we need someone who can work with people of differing opinions. Congress is grid locked. We need to work new trade agreements with other nations. We need to renegotiate treaties.

#5…Trump is a nationalist and not a globalist. He believes that our country comes first. We need to enforce our borders and the rule of law. He believes it is not our job to defend the whole world. He believes that if we do help countries with their defense, we should be paid for it.

#6…he has great instincts. He predicted the rise of Osama bin Laden. He predicted a terror attack on a major US city. He opposed the war in Iraq although every other candidate but Bernie Sanders was in favor of the war. He opposed it because it would destabilize the middle east. He got out of the gaming industry before it crashed. Great instincts.

#7… he is a natural leader. Even those who don’t like him are following his lead. He has single-handedly set the agenda for this election cycle. He is respected internationally as well as in our nation. He oozes leadership.

#8… he is a great communicator and persuader. He is a master at using the media to advance his narrative. He totally understands the media. He built the most successful reality show in the history of television. These are skills he will need if he is to turn this country around.

#9… read his first book in 1987 and realized he was a brilliant businessman. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of speeches, media interviews, read thousands of articles about him, several of his books, and studied his successes and his failures. He is the real deal. I challenge anyone to study him and not support him.

#10… look at what motivates him. Most politicians are motivated by money and/or power. Trump already has both. He has a history of being a patriot, from his military high school, to now. He has a huge ego, like every other candidate running. The difference is he is honest about his.

I think he sees our nation at a critical place and he knows that he has the unique skill set to fix the problems. If he does, he will go down in history as being one of the greatest presidents ever.

If you understand him, you know that his legacy is important to him (his name on all his buildings and companies). I even believe he is funding his own campaign so he won’t owe favors or loyalties to special interests. When you evaluate his motivations you can’t help but admire him.

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