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You Are Welcome Here

Some in the media like to portray the Tea Party Movement as extreme or fringe.  The truth is that we are just average folks.  Concerned Americans who have decided, for love of country, to get educated and involved in the political arena.  We were the Silent Majority.   We were very busy attending to our families, our jobs, our churches, etc.  We began to sense that something was wrong years ago as we observed growing debt, eroding personal freedoms and the undermining of Constitutional principles.  The speed in recent years in which debt is mounting and freedom eroding has forced us to stand up.  We have found our voice!  We love our country and we will not sit by as the dream of freedom and liberty for all… purchased with the lives of our Founders and countless others… slips away.  

If you have found your voice and feel you can no longer sit by… this is the place for you.  Regardless of your political party or background, religious beliefs, race or social status… you are welcome here.  All freedom loving people are welcome at the table of liberty!  It is what America has always been about and with God’s help and our efforts it will be again. 

Join us!  Add your voice to ours.  You will be amazed what we can accomplish together.

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