Nov 21

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House Bill 203 to Ohio’s “duty to retreat”

concealed carry

5th Update:

House passes Ohio’s Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Law Reform (HB 203)

4th UPDATE: Calls are needed to be made to House members right now to tell them to support HB 203.

To find information regarding HB203 or to find contact information for your representative click here.

3nd UPDATE: HB 203 is scheduled for a vote later today at the state house.  Buckeye Firearms leaders will be there providing testimony.

The hearing and vote will be aired live on Ohio Channel today.

Click here for live feed. 

2nd UPDATE: HB203 will receive a 4th hearing this Tuesday Nov. 19th and may get a vote.

UPDATE: Third hearing on HB 203 brings out the crazies; OACP denies own testimony submitted 5 years ago predicting same sort of mayhem

A bill written by Rep. Terry Johnson promises to change Ohio’s self defense laws removing the requirement to consider retreat prior to using deadly force. However  with this change, a person claiming self-defense must still be able to prove both that he or she was not at fault in creating the situation, that they had reasonable grounds to believe (objective facts) and an honest belief (a subjective belief that the objective facts amounted to) an imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death, and that the only way to escape this imminent danger was using lethal/deadly force.


The Bill also will authorize the automatic validity in Ohio of a concealed handgun license issued by another state if the other state automatically recognizes as valid in that state an Ohio concealed handgun license without the need for any reciprocity agreement between the states.  It also eliminates the requirement that a former military member applying for a concealed handgun license acquire a competency certification if more than six years have passed since the member’s honorable discharge or retirement.

For more information about House Bill 203 click here.

Buckeye Firearms had this to say about the bill.

“In the lead-up to the return of the Ohio General Assembly from their summer break and the opening of hearings on several pro-gun rights bills, certain individuals and groups, along with their media accomplices, have ramped up their efforts to paint one particular provision in Rep. Terry Johnson’s House Bill 203 as a “Stand Your Ground” bill. These groups, which have always opposed Second Amendment rights, think they might have finally stumbled on a way to stop what has for them become loss after loss after loss as Ohio has slowly worked to restore gun rights over the past decade.”

For Buckeye Firearms’ Association full article click here 

HB203 is  cosponsord by Representatives Henne, Gonzales, Adams, J., Conditt, Retherford, Maag, Hottinger, Terhar, Brenner, Beck, Lynch, Sprague, Becker, Derickson, Wachtmann

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