Feb 15

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Logan Daily News Obvious Bias in Recent Political Cartoons

At the HHTPP Feb. 9 meeting a presentation of recent Logan Daily News political cartoons was a clear indication of an extreme left-leaning bias on the part of the local newspaper.  Area conservatives have known for some time that the newspaper leans left as indicated by its’ reporting, but recent political cartoons have some residents very upset. Understandably, when one takes a look at the offensive and misleading content of the cartoons, as evidenced by the one (which ran Dec. 22) showing George Washington with a gun to his head on Inauguration Day. While Publisher, James Shine assured a concerned reader in an email response on Feb. the 3rd that the Logan Daily would attempt to be more balanced in 2017… it is clear that little has been done about the local newspaper’s disdain for the new president and its’ promotion of a liberal leftist agenda.

To express your view of these cartoons contact: James Shine, Publisher at The Logan Daily (740) 385-2107 ext. 128 or email at jshine@logandaily.com or write a letter to the Editor.

Below is a sampling of some the 2017 political cartoons thus far…. Still waiting for that “balance.”

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