Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots Organizational Changes

As of January 2018, the Board Members of the Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots have prayerfully and thoughtfully decided to dismantle the HHTPP as an organization. Due to financial constraints and limitations as to our over-all effectiveness we have decided to cease official membership, maintaining our blog, maintaining our email list and holding monthly public meetings. However, we as individuals will not cease in our “liberty” work. We are still committed to the principles that created our great nation and pray for her constitutional restoration.

In July of 2010 the Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots shared its’ first website post. Here is a portion of that post… “The truth is that we are just average folks.  Concerned Americans who have decided, for love of country, to get educated and involved in the political arena.  We were the Silent Majority…  We have found our voice!  We love our country and we will not sit by as the dream of freedom and liberty for all… purchased with the lives of our Founders and countless others… slips away.”

We, the former leaders of the HHTPP, will not be “sitting by!” We pray you will not be either.

We want to thank you for your patriotism and support these 7 plus years. The blessed fellowship of like-minded Hocking County residents remains. In essence, we are on stand-by, should the public ever wish to support organized liberty efforts again with their time and treasure. God bless all of you and our nation. Above all else, we implore you to pray for our country.

We will maintain a social media presence. You are welcome to contact us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HockingHIllsLibertyVoice/