Oct 31

2014 Hocking Hills Liberty PAC Newsletter released. (update)



This is the 1st edition of the Hocking Hills Liberty PAC newsletter, a local PAC run by local citizens who want to see our country restored to common sense and founding principles, using our U.S. and Ohio Constitutions as our rulebooks. The Hocking Hills Liberty PAC was founded and supported by parents, grandparents, small business owners, professionals and blue-collar workers. Simply put we are citizens just like you, working to unite us as “Americans” in order to help solve our nation’s problems. We believe in:

  • Fiscal Responsibility resulting in a debt-free future
  • Constitutionally Limited Government that upholds personal freedom
  • Free Markets resulting in economic freedom.

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Oct 25

Shake it all, Shake it all. ( Video )

The Obama administration puts its own special spin on the Taylor Swift hit.


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Oct 18

This Cartoon Pretty Much Explains it.


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Oct 16

Ebola In Ohio Update

An Important Message from State Representative Matt Lynch 
(Words in italics have been added by the HHTPP)
Dear Friends,  Ebola in Ohio
For the past week I have been inquiring with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) about our Ebola preparedness. Tonight (Oct. 15 pm) my questions were answered and you need to know what is going on. At 8pm tonight I was on a conference call with Governor Kasich and the Ohio Department of Health. Here is what I now know about Ebola in Ohio.

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Oct 15

Winner of Gun Raffle revealed

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown raffle was drawn at our last meeting ( 10/9/2014) and the winner was Shawn Stringer. Congratulations Shawn Stringer!

The Hocking Hills Tea Party Patriots thanks every one for their donations and support. With your help and funding we can continue our efforts in promoting Limited Government, Fiscal and Personal Responsibility, and a return to Constitutional Principles Through Grassroots Engagement.  

pixWe hope to start the next gun raffle just after our next meeting which is Thursday the 23rd. You can vote for our next firearm by clicking here.


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Oct 10

Not poltical but still awesome (video)

Magician Rips Up Homeless Mans Sign but what happen next is pretty awesome.

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Oct 10

Stop Foreign Law From Being Used in Ohio Courts

The Hocking Hills Tea Party Patriots has scheduled Dan Hromada from the ACT! for America Cleveland Chapter to share a video and speak on the fight against radical Islam.  He will also share on legislation HERE IN OHIO that will forbid foreign laws from being used in our court system.

PLEASE RSVP by emailing your name and the number of those attending at info@hockinghillsteaparty.com 

Doors open at 6pm

About ACT! For America:

ACT! for America was founded by Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese immigrant who came to the United States after losing her country of birth to militant Muslim fundamentalists during the Lebanese Civil War.

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Oct 09

‘We’re screwed!’ mic catches reporter after WH Ebola press converence

Hot mics normally catch something funny or embarrassing but this one might had caught the truth. 

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Oct 09

Pick Our Next Gun to be Raffled

We have selected 4 firearms to be raffled off next. We are leaving it up to you to pick which one will be raffled. (Vote by clicking here.)


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Oct 08

John Kasich on the Heartbeat Bill (Video)

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