Gongwer News Service reports the Common Core repeal bill HB 597 was voted out of committee yesterday on a 7-2 vote with no amendments. All seven Republicans on the committee voted for moving the legislation while the only two Democrats in attendance dissented.images

The bill is now set to go before the full House during the November lame duck session. It is unclear at this point if the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Matt Huffman and Rep. Andy Thompson, have the 50 votes necessary to pass the bill. It can’t hurt that Speaker William Batchelder supported the bill in committee.

Gongwer News Service quoted Huffman,

“I can’t say as I’m standing right here that there are 50 votes in our caucus. We’re going to start working the bill, start putting people into five categories – ‘yes,’ ‘lean yes’ – and if we can get 50 votes we’re going to put in on the floor.”

Ohioans who oppose Common Core can play a major role in ensuring HB 597’s passage by calling their State Reps and finding out where they stand on the bill.  Tell your State Rep to vote to repeal Common Core in Ohio.

For Ohioians Against Common Core website click here.