Feb 03

This is Pretty much how it is.


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Jan 29

Jan.14th Meeting Video

For the first time we are posting a video of our meeting.


Whole Jan. 14th meeting
AR-15 raffle
2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance
Ricki Pepin from the Institute on the Constitution

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Jan 25

Rep. Vitale Moves to Nullify All Federal Gun Laws in Ohio

Nino Vitale 2nd formal sitting top cropped (Large)COLUMBUS—Jan 12, 2015 – This morning State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) called for a return to Constitutional government by introducing a bill to have all gun laws at the federal level nullified and have Ohio exercise it’s Constitutional right to control firearms laws over Ohio Citizens. Rep. Vitale has asked all members of the Ohio House of Representatives to join him in support of this bill.



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Jan 22

Why pass 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinances or Laws?


Under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution states may nullify federal laws that are unconstitutional. It is entirely appropriate for state and local acts to be passed regarding unconstitutional federal gun control. Because the feds rely heavily on the assistance of state and local elected officials and law officers to enforce federal measures, passing local ordinances and state laws banning such assistance will make federal gun control “nearly impossible to enforce.”

The strategy to protect 2nd Amendments rights takes a step-by-step approach, with each step building on the last, until all federal gun control is nullified in practice within the state.


Adopt the “2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance” on the county and community level.

All local communities can begin this process immediately. With some sheriffs already announcing that they will not participate in the enforcement of new federal gun control, the time is now to get this on the books – so that a future newly elected official cannot change course.


Pass state laws that ban state enforcement of specific current and/or future federal gun measures.

This builds on local ordinances by adding state authority. For instance, a bill introduced in Louisiana in 2014 would have authorized possession of short-barreled firearms without federal registration. Another example is Idaho, which was the first state to pass a law prohibiting the state from taking any action, or providing any resources, to enforce or assist in the enforcement of future federal gun measures. S.1332 was passed with Gov. Otter signing it in March 2014.


To see the Petition click here.

To Sign the Petition Click Here.


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Jan 08

Obama 2008: Bypassing Congress Unconstitutional; I’ll Reverse It

“SEN. BARACK OBAMA: I taught constitutional law for ten years. I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m president of the United States of America. (Townhall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, March 31, 2008)”


Oops! let’s forget about the whole reversing bypassing congress and the US Constitution part.

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Jan 08

Defend Freedom Tour 2016



Concerned Veterans of America Friends and Supporters.

Concerned Veterans for America is excited to announce that the 2016 Defend Freedom Tour is coming to the Hope Hotel in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday, January 23, 2016.Thousands of Americans were inspired by the tour last year. Ask anyone who attended about the music, the speakers, patriotism and fellowship shared with other veterans, military families and civilian patriots. This year’s Defend Freedom Tour is bigger, better and completely FREE.
Enjoy great food while hearing from CVA CEO Pete Hegseth, Gold Star mother Karen Vaughn, Army Ranger and best selling author Sean Parnell and Army Special Operations Jason Beardsley.Enjoy great music from Madison Rising and Country music sensation Ayla Brown. Join your fellow patriots in the fight to reclaim America’s freedom and prosperity in 2016.Take a moment to RSVP and mark your calendar for January 23rd for an evening we hope you will never forget.Your Ohio CVA TeamSean Skimming, Dayton Area Director
sskimming@cv4a.org                                                                                                                                            937.479.9782

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Jan 08

A President is not a King and States Must Make Sure of It.: Jake MacAulay


Our nation’s first president, George Washington, under the newly formed Constitution in 1789, found himself in an uncomfortable position. As the nation’s first Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief he knew the delicate ground between strength and tyranny. Fearing any comparison to the monarchal government from which America had just been liberated, Washington took care to avoid any physical or symbolic references to European monarchs. When the Senate proposed that he be called by the official title “His Highness the President of the United States of America and the Protector of Their Liberties”, an abashed Washington opted for the more modest address of “Mr. President”.

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Jan 08

Executive Orders: President Obama reverses President Clinton’s brand of gun control, but the goal is the same

The tactics employed by President Obama’s in his latest executive orders, purportedly done in the name of preventing crimes committed with guns, represent a reversal of gun control strategy used by Bill Clinton and his then-Treasury Secretary Lloyd Benson, supposedly done with the exact same goal in mind.

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Oct 30

Hocking Hills Liberty PAC Newsletter for Nov. 3 2015 Election

Hocking Hills Liberty PAC Newsletter PDF. CLICK HERE

This is the 2nd edition of the Hocking Hills Liberty PAC newsletter, a local PAC run by local citizens who want to see our country restored to common sense and founding principles, using our U.S. and Ohio Constitutions as our rulebooks. The Hocking Hills Liberty PAC was founded and supported by parents, grandparents, small business owners, professionals and blue-collar workers. Simply put we are citizens just like you, working to unite us as “Americans” in order to help solve our nation’s problems. We believe in:

  • Fiscal Responsibility resulting in a debt-free future
  • Constitutionally Limited Government that upholds personal freedom
  • Free Markets resulting in economic freedom.

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Oct 29

Ohioans Beware: State Issue 2

Proposed Constitutional Amendment would prohibit tax reform without stopping monopolies or marijuana legalization as promised

Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today took action to clarify for Ohioans State Issue 2, which will appear on the November 3, 2015 ballot.

State Issue 2, introduced as an attack on the marijuana legalization effort of State Issue 3, proposes to amend Section 1e of Article II of the Ohio Constitution to specify numerous purposes for which “the power of the initiative shall not be used.” (The “initiative” refers to the people, through submission of petitions, to place issues on the ballot). Those include granting or creating a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel; but also include specifying or determining a tax rate.

Issues that are deemed to violate the new limits, in the opinion of the Ohio Ballot Board, will be required to win an extra election before they can be added to the Ohio Constitution.

There has been very little public debate on the issue leading up to the election, and many citizens are largely unaware of the details of proposed amendment. Accordingly, in its Policy Briefing on State Issue 2, released today, the 1851 Center explained the following:

  • State Issue 2 is not an “anti-monopoly amendment.” The Ohio General Assembly will be left entirely free to create monopoles and rejected language that would have tied its own hands.
  • State Issue 2 precludes tax reform instead of monopolies. While Issue 2 would not stop government from creating monopolies, it would stop citizens from initiating tax reform. Ohioans would be prohibited from using the initiative to eliminate or reduce any state or local income tax, severance tax, sales tax, property tax, or other tax.
  • State Issue 2 would not preclude marijuana legalization. This issue will only override Issue 3 if it gets more votes than Issue 3, and even then, litigation is likely to preclude that effect.
  • Issue 2 is the result of a questionable political process. Only after those supporting the marijuana amendment submitted their signatures did the Ohio General Assembly spring into action, and change rules in midstream. If legislators are successful on this occasion, there is nothing stopping them from again laying in the weeds and changing the rules of the game once any citizen initiative is completed.
  • Issue 2 would allow the Ballot Board to stifle any Initiative. “The opinion of the Ohio ballot board,” without judicial review, determines whether the Ballot Board can impose additional hurdles on citizen initiatives. No standards or criteria are specified other than the Ballot Board’s “opinion.”

“The messaging behind State Issue 2 appears to be built upon the mistruths that it prevents monopolies and would stop the proposed marijuana monopoly if enacted – – neither is accurate: this issue is simply an attack on Ohioans’ initiative rights,” said Maurice Thompson, Executive Director of the 1851 Center. “Issue 2 simply proposes that legislators should have a monopoly on the power to create monopolies. This change would simply force special interests to fund politicians’ campaigns, rather than directly promoting their issues to the public.”

Ohioans appear particularly unaware that the proposed amendment would eliminate their ability to use the initiative to advance any number of issues having nothing to do with monopolies, including any effort at tax reform, since the proposal would stifle an amendment that would “specify or determine a tax rate.”

“Nationwide, it has been proven that the citizen initiative is the most effective method of reforming excessive state and local taxes, which Ohio certainly maintains. Because current political leadership has proved unwilling to tackle these problems, Ohioans will need the initiative in the future,” added Thompson

Read The 1851 Center’s Short Policy Brief on State Issue 2 HERE

Read the article at 1851 Center For Constitutional Law. Here

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