Apr 07


HHTPPThe Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots has changed its meeting schedule. We will now be meeting once a month on the 2nd Thursday of every month.
(There will be no meeting on July 28.)

The Board recently decided to streamline the HHTPP meetings and activities in order to allow for the most impact within our community and region. In an effort to be the most effective, we determined that a once of month HHTPP public meeting would be sufficient in place of the two we were having. It is our hope that this will allow time and treasure to work on and emphasize more public outreach. We plan on having periodic special public events, possibly through our educational arm, 3E Learning Enterprises. In addition we are looking at assisting our social media followers (now at over 1,400 individuals) by creating online educational or political action events. Further, 3Es Liberty Camp for Kids is having a significant impact, as we are now advising organizers out of state on holding such Camps. Please keep our leadership in your prayers as we transition and continue to work hard for the cause of Liberty!

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Jul 13

You are invited to our picnic potluck


The Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots will be holding a potluck picnic at the shelter house of the Cornerstone Baptist Church, 15024 Ohio 328, Logan, on July 14 from 7 to 9 pm. The HHTPP will provide table service, drinks and hamburgers/hotdogs. Please bring a dish or two to share and your smile. Our potlucks are always a good time with good food.

To join the Facebook event page click here.

Remember to bring a friend or two.

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Jul 02

The TEA Party in decline this 4th of July?

by J. L. Hiles

A southwest Ohio group’s recent decision to suspend monthly tea party meetings has caused me to reflect on the future of the “tea party movement”. It is not just SW Ohio. We, too (the Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots) have recently gone down to once a month meetings instead of twice due to a drop off in attendance. We did so, not in discouragement, but rather choosing to focus our time on more fruitful endeavors. However, while the decline in engagement is noticeable at our physical meetings… our online presence continues to grow, public response at fairs/festivals is more positive than ever, our Liberty Camp for Kids has been well received, our current local effort to pass a “2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance” (recommend by the Tenth Amendment Center) is gaining ground.

It is, in my opinion, the “take action” part of the movement that former meeting attendees are now choosing to avoid. (People showing up at meetings, rightfully assume they may be asked to “do something.”) Previously determined “tea partiers” saw their investments of time, money and energy do little to change anything.  We worked hard to get so-called “tea party” people in D.C. only to watch them yield to establishment pressure. We pounded the pavement to get the Healthcare Freedom Amendment passed here in Ohio, only to watch our own Governor and Attorney General act as if the Amendment does not exist. Such frustrations prompted our people to return to their homes feeling their efforts were a waste of time after just a few short years of engagement. Why did so many give up so quickly?   Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 24

Volunteer Opportunity for Concerned Veterans of American


American flag

Click here to RSVP

Click here to RSVP

This POST has been updated. PLEASE NOTE THE UPDATED TIME AND LOCATION of this event.

Hocking Hills Tea Party Patriots and Concerned Veterans of America Ohio chapter are in partnership to sponsor a phone banking session July 9th. We need 10 to 12 volunteers who are welling to make phone calls to veterans and their families to perform a simple survey. You will not be asking for money or commitments from any one. This is a simple 3 question survey to see where the veteran community stand on the country’s current financial situation . This will help the organization to move forward in representing the veteran community and help defend freedom.

This will take place at the CIC Building meeting room (across from the Logan Fire Department) in Logan, Ohio from 11AM to 1:30PM July9th. Concerned Veterans of American will provide the equipment, calling lists, 15-20 minute training, and LUNCH! To volunteer contact us either by Email, on Facebook, or phone. Contact information listed below.

This is a great opportunity to help a great organization for only a couple of hours.

RSVP with Eventbrite by clicking here. Save

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Jun 24

A Biblical Account of Weapons and Self-Defense – Jake MacAulay

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May 10

Ohio Bill Seeks to Protect Pastors

State Representative Nino Vitale has introduced House Bill 286, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act. The Act protects Ohio Pastors from civil and criminal penalties for refusing to perform marriages that violate their religious beliefs. The Act also protects churches who refuse to allow the use of their facilities for marriages that violate beliefs.  According to Franklin Graham the Persecution of Christians is happening world-wide, even in the United States and will grow unless we stand up for our freedoms of religion and conscience.

Our State Representative, Ron Hood, is a co-sponsor of this bill. The House has the votes to pass the bill, but House leadership is stonewalling the bill in committee, and won’t allow the bill to the floor for a vote.

To support this bill please consider opening the link below and read Rep. Vitale’s call to action. There is a list of representatives to contact, along with their email and phone contact information.

Here is the link to Rep. Vitale’s Call To Action.

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May 10

Dr. Kelly Kohls to speak May 12

Making her second appearance to the Hocking Hills Tea Party Patriots is Dr. Kelly Kohls, former school board President of the Springboro Schools. She will give a powerful point presentation:

“Exposing the Education Cartel”

Her talk on Thursday, May the 12th at 7PM at the Cornerstone Baptist Church will bring perspective to public education outlining what many believe are structural weaknesses and problems in the public education arena. If you attended our last meeting and watched the Agenda 2 documentary you saw that our children are being underserved and indoctrinated in their K-12 educational journey. This breakdown in the educational system may represent one of the biggest long term problems undermining our Country.

For more information on Dr. Kohls got to: http://kohls4education.com

Refreshments will be served.  The public is welcome to this event.

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May 10

Is the establishment still winning in spite of Trump?

by Ted Stevenot

Conventional wisdom tells us the establishment is having a tough year as evidenced by the rise of Donald Trump to the status of “presumptive nominee.”

But, as I have been saying for years, I believe we focus too much on the presidency. It’s like a shiny object at which the people cannot stop staring. As a consequence, when all eyes become overly fixated on the presidency, it tends to give the rest of elected officials a pass.

So has been the case this election cycle.

  • Congress has a disapproval rating of 77%, far worse than that of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, yet, incumbent Congressional members have been winning primary re-election in droves.
  • Because over 80% of Congressional districts are gerrymandered to be “safe” in the general election, the wide majority of these incumbents will win re-election in November.
  • So…all those representatives who campaigned against Obamacare, but who voted time and time again to fully fund it, will be headed back to D.C.
  • The same goes for representatives who campaigned as “fiscal conservatives” yet voted over and over again for trillions of new spending and debt.

Read the entire article HERE.


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May 05

Liberty Camp for Kids 2016

3E Learning Enterprises has launched a new promo video for their up coming Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids 2016. Check it out.


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Apr 11

Ohio Liberty Coalition Statewide Event


Saturday, April 16, 2016
from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Westerville, OH

Grace Chapel Community Church
7798 Big Walnut Road
Westerville, OH 43082

Mark Your Calendar




The Program is being finalized but these are in the line up so far.

  • Buckeye Firearms Presenters Joe Eaton & Clint Lake on Gun Myths
  • Dr. Kelly Kohls on Education Cartels
  • Discussion On:  The Republican Convention  
  • Gerhard Maroscher: Why Can’t Somebody Die Around Here? (This is the title of his autobiography about his family’s life during WWII in Germany and their eventual emigration to America and citizenship) Gerhard will have his books for sale after his presentation for the price of $26.70 each. He is a great speaker.

Special Note to Exhibitors: Please select “Exhibitor Admission” for your ticket type. You can pay the $25 table charge at Registration on the day of the event. Checks can be made payable to “Ohio Liberty Coalition”. Thank you for your support.

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