Jan 21

January 8th meeting summary

The Hocking Hills Tea Party Patriots met January 8, 2015 at Cornerstone Baptist Church. Shirley Brooks opened the meeting in prayer, and Jennifer Hiles led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Shirley Brooks gave the Treasurer’s report. Jim Hiles presented the new gun raffle to the group. Jennifer Hiles talked about upcoming meetings and events. The group will be having a movie night the third Friday of the month at the Logan Public Library starting at 6:30pm and running until about 8 or 8:30pm.
Jennifer Hiles and Judy Zell passed out the official TEA party membership packets to the members who signed up. It’s not too late to join! Please visit our website or Facebook page for more information. Denise Whalen gave an update on the Ambassador program.

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Jan 12

A Year In Review

10 minute video of  “A year in review of 2014″  Hocking Hills Tea Party Patriots.

HHTPP 2014 Year in Review

2014 was a year of much change and growth for the Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots. Rather than simply responding to the most heated battle at the moment on the political landscape… we regrouped, polished our weapons and reformed our lines. We were then able to advance and march on more effectively than before. We prayerfully proceeded with a long-term vision for the Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots reflecting our heart’s desire; which is to stay true to the passion that birthed our movement and promote those “tea party” principles and values to the public. As fellow Americans gain knowledge and inspiration through our grassroots movement and then go forth and act on those principles… we have succeeded in accomplishing our goals…. even if some of those Americans choose not to associate officially with a TEA Party group! We believe as we attempt to keep that pure heart before the Lord, He will guide us and bless our patriotic work, because we do not focus solely on what our organization needs but rather what our community, state and nation need. Maintaining that mindset and staying diligent in prayer will help us to avoid the pitfalls of many other politically minded organizations that seem to exist for the sole purpose of their own preservation instead of the preservation our nation and ultimately our freedom!

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Jan 09

Events in January

events Jan

There are a lot of things going on in January so to help you keep track I have put them together in an article. This post will be update through out the month as events unfold so check back regularly.

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Dec 27

The public is invited to the Logan Hocking School District’s Annual Budget Hearing

Below is a public notice from the Logan Hocking School District’s Treasurer, Paul Shaw. The public is invited to attend this hearing of the District’s budget.


Notice is hereby given that copies of the proposed budget and estimate of cost of operation of the Logan-Hocking Local School District of Logan, Hocking County, Ohio, including the cost of operating the public schools of said district for the Fiscal Year 2016, are on file in the Office of the Treasurer of the Board of Education and are open to inspection by the public, pursuant to the requirements of law.

A public hearing on the proposed budget for the Logan-Hocking School District will be held at Logan-Hocking Board of Education Administrative Office, 2019 East Front Street, Logan, Ohio on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 5:30 PM.

File: Tax Budget Public Notice 12.24.14

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Dec 19

Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots Announces Effort to Support Local Police and Fire Departments

In light of recent protests (some protestors in New York even chanting for the death of police officers) the HHTPP leadership has decided to encourage our membership to take cake, cookies, etc. to our local police and fire department over the next week in a show of appreciation. Please simply drop any baked good or sweet treat you wish, by the department(s) on your own and at your convenience. We thank you for considering being a part of this effort to show our support.

The press release below was sent to the editor of the Logan Daily News today and she was asked to print it in the newspaper so local residents would be encouraged to participate in this expression of appreciation.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Friday, December 19, 2014
Contact: Jennifer Hiles, President 740-777-5007, info@hockinghillsteaparty.com

Logan, Ohio – The Hocking Hills TEA Party Patriots announced today that it is encouraging it’s members to take cookies, cakes and pies to the local police and fire department over the next week to thank them for their service to our communities. The effort is partially in reaction to the statements that have been made attacking police officers in particular after the events in Ferguson, MO and New York City.
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Dec 16

Obamacare adds 450,000 Ohioans to Medicaid rolls

By Jason Hart | December 16, 2014 | Ohio Watchdog

Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare expansion has put 450,941 Ohioans on Medicaid, outpacing his administration’s projections by 24 percent.

Instead of tempering leftist support for the expansion, budget-busting enrollment is portrayed as good news for Ohio; Obamacare sticks federal taxpayers with 100 percent of Medicaid expansion benefit costs through 2016.

In a Cleveland.com news story last month, Northeast Ohio Media Group reporter Robert Higgs asserted higher-than-expected enrollment “provides a fiscal argument for Gov. John Kasich as he lobbies the General Assembly to continue expanded Medicaid when he presents his budget proposals early next year.”

“I hope that common sense will prevail and that we won’t mess with what we see as working well,” Cathy Levine of the Universal Health Care Action Network told Higgs for a story published at Cleveland.com the following week.

When not promoting a federal Balanced Budget Amendment, Kasich has pressed the Ohio General Assembly to spend more federal dollars on his Obamacare expansion. A $2.5 billion appropriation Kasich rammed through the Ohio Controlling Board in 2013 expires June 30, assuming the money lasts until then.

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Dec 02

October 23rd Meeting summery with Dan Hromade from Act! For America


On October 23, the doors opened early to the biggest crowd the Hocking Hills Tea Party Patriots has ever hosted. Americans across this country are concerned about the direction of our great nation and what effect foreign law has on our country. Sharia Law is of particular concern.
Guests of the Hocking Hills Tea Party Patriots were treated to refreshments, as they waited for the speakers to take the stage at 7pm. People had the opportunity to explore the books available through the HHTPP library, which loans books to people at no charge. Also available, for donation, were numerous decals, flags, books, DVDs, and magnets, along with pocket Constitutions.
Jim Hiles opened the meeting at 7 PM by introducing Pastor Tom Walz, who led the group in prayer. Jim Hiles then led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the introduction of the main speaker for the evening, Dan Hromada from the Cleveland Chapter of Act for America.

As you know, there are many problems in our country today, but what you may not realize is that there is a specific agenda to change fundamentally our way of life that is happening right before our eyes. Yet it is happening so slowly and stealthily that most people can’t see it.

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Nov 25

Ferguson’s Fear

HHTPP Thomas Jefferson

“To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

    Pontius Pilot asked, “What is truth?” after Jesus made this statement to him and the Gospel of John records no response to the question. Puzzling. Why did the Lord not answer him? In my own imagination I assume it to be the fact that Jesus, knowing the hearts of men, saw in Pilot no fertile ground required for truth to take root. Simply put, Pilot didn’t really want to know what truth was. His question was not born of a sincere desire to know the answer.

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Nov 24

Give Common Core Repeal A Shot With A Floor Vote

From the start, the Common Core repeal bill HB 597 was put behind the eight ball. Shortly after it passed out of committee, Rep. Matt Huffman, speaker pro tempore and one of the bill’s sponsors, told the Cincinnati Enquirer,

“If we don’t think we have the votes to pass it, we won’t bring it to the floor.”

At that point, the bar had been set and the message to all fence-sitting House Republicans was:  Sit tight. This too will blow over.images

You see, Ohio parents who are concerned about Common Core did their job. Legislators in Columbus are well aware of grassroots opposition to the direction education has taken in the Buckeye State. Legislators know that parents do not like the nonsensical homework assignments, the de-emphasis on classic literature, the dramatic increase in standardized testing, the data tracking and sharing, and most of all – parents do not like not being able to do anything about it – the lack of local control.

But Republican legislators also know that Governor Kasich does not want Common Core repealed. His administration’s decision to move forward with Common Core implementation has led to the considerable expenditure of taxpayer dollars at every level of government – far more than the $400 million in federal Race to the Top grants “awarded” to Ohio. Backing out now is akin to admitting that this irresponsible allocation of public treasure was foolhardy.

So what to do?

Get Common Core repeal out of its dead-end track in the House Education Committee. Put a repeal bill through the Rules and Reference Committee, shift out some committee members, and expedite the bill for the lame-duck session. Give the people a little bit of what they want, but never let Common Core repeal see a floor vote.

Repeal is 10 votes short and it will continue to be as long as Republicans in the Ohio House can escape accountability by not having to face an up or down vote.

Common Core repeal is being held hostage by a powerful Executive in Governor Kasich and a Legislative Branch willing to take a back seat by dodging the responsibility afforded it by the separation of powers.

Instead of calling state reps and telling them to support Common Core repeal, perhaps the people of Ohio should call Speaker Batchelder and ask him to restore representative government in Ohio.

Tell Speaker Batchelder to bring HB 597 to a floor vote so the people of Ohio can truly see where their representatives stand on Common Core. Do the Republicans in the state legislature believe in local control of schools, or are they willing to let the children of Ohio be used as pawns by outside interests?

Speaker Bill Batchelder:  614-466-8140

Email Speaker Batchelder HERE.

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Nov 15

Gruber at his best

The only people who "voted" for ObamaCare were the Democrats in Congress in 2010. Not one Republican or American citizen voted for this train wreck.

The only people who “voted” for ObamaCare were the Democrats in Congress in 2010. Not one Republican or American citizen voted for this train wreck.

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